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Piano Recital!

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Abby,  Mary and their friend Ginny participated in the OMTA Music Festival last weekend.  All three girls did a wonderful job.  They have an awesome piano teacher.  Abby has been taking lessons for nine years,  Mary for four years.    Ginny has been playing for two years now.  It was my privilege to  take all three girls to the festival.

Before the recital:  L to R:  Ginny, Mary, Abby












Celebrating after the Recital.   (Can you tell the nerves have calmed?!)


What She Said

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Kim, so eloquently, has moved me to tears. I too have received many of The Big Questions. I pray I can recall these sentiments next time.

Belly Shot at 25 Weeks

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Doing Well!

You Know You Have a Large Family When…

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…the Amish lady at the store asks you if they are all yours!

Springtime Randomness

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This little boy digs worms!

Randomness Part III

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Called to Serve

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  My second son served at the altar last night.  He was beaming.  He was reverent.  He was so happy.    I am so proud of him.  My oldest son served also.  They were together,  aiding Christ’s priest.  I teared up many times.  Two of my sons.    I realized that by the time Markie is old enough to serve,  Nicholas will be twenty two years old.  I made him promise to serve then too,  so all of my sons can serve together.  I will be a blubbering mess when that day comes.