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Front Wrap Cross Carry Tutorial

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We are using a wrap made of hemp jersey.  It is slightly stretchy,  a bit like a sweatshirt. 

Again,  first you find the center:


This time you place the center at your belly button and open it up:


Bring one side around your back and over the opposite shoulder:


Do the same with the other side,  crossing the wrap at your back.  Try not to bunch it up or twist it or it will be uncomfortable once you place the baby in:


You’ll probably need to make a slight adjustment here to keep the wrap snug,  pulling it up over each shoulder more and keeping the center against your body.  You will have both ends of the wrap hanging over your shoulders.  The center of the wrap will be around your waist,  much like a cumberbund.


Gather up both ends of the wrap in one hand and with the other pull the ‘cumberbund’ slightly away from your body.  Place the ends of the wrap through the ‘cumberbund’.  The ends will then be the part of the wrap closest to your body,  with the ‘cumberbund’ over them.  Keep it all snug to your body. 



At this point you will cross the ends of the wrap at your front,  keeping the ‘X’ just above your belly button.  Bring them around to your back and tie it in  a knot.  I prefer to tie it just off to the side so it’s not in my way when I sit down.    If the wrap is long enough,  you can bring it back around to the front and tie it there.  You NEVER want the ends of the wrap to hang down past your knees after it is tied,  this would pose a tripping hazard.



Now you are ready to place the baby in the wrap.  Pick up the baby and with one hand hold her (hey Gracie! 😉 ) high up on your shoulder.  With your other hand pull the ‘X’ out and away from your body.  This is where you will place the baby.


For a tiny baby,  keep her legs tucked underneath her and and tuck her into the pouch created by the ‘X’  For a bigger baby like MB,  you will put one leg in each ‘hole’ created by the ‘X’.   Another option is to lay the baby sideways in a cradle position created when you spread the ‘X’ out.   This is great for discreet, hands free nursing.  (like when you need to push a shopping cart and such.)



You could consider yourself done at this point and go along on your way.  But for extra security and support,  pull the ‘cumberbund’ from underneath the baby and pull it up over top. 


And here you have a truely secure hands free snuggle carry!


*If MB were to fall asleep here  (which he did NOT,  since it had been an entire 10 minutes since he last nursed and he was simply famished!)  I would pull the wrap up and around his shoulders and over his head. 

*Please remember when you are carrying a baby on the front of your body that is is not safe to cook over a hot stove.  Chopping onions is not the best idea either!  And be sure to watch baby’s head when closing rear van doors. 

Hope this helps!

Much Love,

Lisa and Mark

*photo credits go to Abigail!


Back Carry Tutorial

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Here’s hoping I can help!  I thought I could also do a YouTube recording of how I do this.  We’ll start here though.  This is my rendition of a back wrap cross carry.  I don’t tie it around my waist.  I’m using the ‘hip scoot’ method to put MB on my back,  but this is not my preferred method.  I think it is the easiest to explain.    The wrap I’m using is a 5.6 meter Katja Didymos that I bought second hand years ago.  I know that it has shrunk from it’s original size. 

  Out of vanity,  I must ask you to excuse the dirty kitchen, funny looks on  my face, and disheveled clothing!  LOL!

So first you have to find the middle of the wrap.  Some are marked with a tag or some other marking.  The one I am using is not,  so I simply grab it somewhere around the middle and hold it up and adjust till both ends are even:


Then you place the center of the wrap at the small of your back and wrap it around you like you would a bath towel,  hold it between your knees:


Pick up baby and place him on your hip, slide him under your arm and onto you back (be sure to scoot him up high,  you want his nose to touch your neck) :


Take the top of the wrap in each hand and spread it out wide,  pull it up over baby, covering him from his shoulders to his knees:


Then you literally tie baby to you at the chest (over your breasts):


Then you bring the the right part of the wrap over top of your right shoulder,  careful not to twist or bunch it,  but keep it nice and snug.  Bring it over top of baby and then under his left leg:


Do the same on the other side:


Now you should have the wrap snug and crossed under baby’s bottom and under your arms.  Hold both ends in your hands in front of you, at this point you can give a little bounce and tug on the ends to snug it all up a bit.  You want it to feel just on the verge of too tight as it will loosen up a tad with the weight of the baby and your movement.  (Some say “10 minutes too tight”) :


Here is where you can either tie it snug around your waist or use the following variation.  I do not like it tied around my waist for two reasons.  One is that baby tends to slide  down a bit that way and I am much more comfortable with baby high up.  I like him to be able to look over my shoulder if he wants.  And two,   I just don’t like how it looks tied around my waist. 😉

The variation:  Bring  the left side of the wrap that is hanging down up and through where the wrap is tied at your chest,  near your left armpit:


Then do the same on the right side:


You will then have the two ends up near your armpits,  and through where you tied the wrap at your chest.  Pull both ends snug and give a little hop if need be:


Bring both ends around and tie them under baby’s bottom:


TA-DA!  Baby is snug and happy on your back,  and no tails hanging down from the wrap.  If baby falls asleep or is tiny with no head control you can have someone help you by laying his head with his cheek to your back,  and pull one of the crosses over to keep it cozy up next to you!  The way I have MB here,  if he were to fall asleep he’d probably be fine because it’s tied high enough by his head. 


This way your hands are free and baby is still close to you where he wants to be. 


Now I can go clean up this dirty kitchen! LOL!

*A couple of notes:  I usually keep my scapular out of the way instead of tied up in the wrap like it is here.  I could also stand to tie the wrap back a bit neater so it’s not so bulky under my arms.     Be sure to keep tabs on where your shirt is when you are tying baby on. 😉  And as with anything else when it comes to mothering,  common sense and personal responsibility must prevail! 

Over the next few days I may add a instructional video for this back carry and another tutorial for a rucksack.