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Today,  February 1,  Greta’s Second Birthday!

Outside My WindowSnow,  lots of snow!  Looks like we got about three sparkly inches last night.  They are calling for six to ten more inches this afternoon with blizzard conditions overnight!  There is a cold, quiet hush outside right now.  Soon it will irrupt with the noise rosy cheeked children in snowboots,  making snow angels,  snow men,  and a rousing snowball fight,  I’m sure!

I am thinking… About how fast these past two years have flown by.  Greta is two years old today.  I remember so vividly the day that she was born.   I am not thinking that time goes by too fast,  rather,  I move through things too fast.  I need to slow down.  Life is not an emergency,  no need to hurry.

I am thankful… I am thankful for telecommuting!  Tony can work from home a few times a week.    It is so nice to have him here throughout the day.  Even if he is behind his laptop most of the day,  he  is here.   He can hold a baby while he works,   have lunch with us,  coffee breaks with me,  and easily be home in time for dinner! 😉

From the kitchen… We are stocked full and ready for the storm!  I normally grocery shop early in the week any way.  I sent the menfolk out last night to fight the crowds and forage for food instead.  Since we are celebrating a sweet toddler girl birthday today,  we will be having chocolate chip pancakes and sausage for breakfast,  peanut butter and jelly for lunch,  and spaghetti for dinner.   Cake and punch are on the menu for dessert.    I am certain that snacks today will consist of steamy hot chocolate,  popcorn,  and snow ice cream.  (I noticed one of the children set a bowl out on the front step to catch snow!)  For mama,  I’m thinking some piping hot Constant Comment tea sounds wonderful!

I am wearing…Pink jammie bottoms,  a brown maternity t-shirt (nope, I’m not pregnant again!)  and silly snowman socks.

I am creating… I crocheted the most adorable fuzzy hat for Celia last week.  I started a woolie soaker,  but I had to shelf that for a bit while I work to tame the laundry monster.

I am reading… Large Family Logistics.  I am borrowing this from Bridget,  who gave a good review on her blog.    Though I have followed Kim Brennemen’s blog for quite some time,  it is nice to have all of her great advise and tips together in one spot.    Bridget is inspiring me to pull our family out of ‘postpartum survival mode’  back into ‘routine maintenance mode’    She has been doing a series of blog posts on how she’s managing this,  and it is encouraging me.  I’m almost encouraged enough to blog about it myself!

I am hearing… The hum of the furnace and the clickety-clack of the keyboard.  Obviously I am the only one up!

One of my favorite things…Laying a toddler down for a nap,  watching her snuggle in the blanket on a 15 degree, snowy day,  wearing a sundress and purple snow boots!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… I am fairly certain that our routine plans for the week will be canceled due to the winter storm.  The children are supposed to go to St. Augustine’s tomorrow,   Philosopher’s Club, mass,  music lessons, etc…  I think,  instead,  we will hunker down at home and enjoy the snow.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Greta At two weeks old and at two years old!  Happy Birthday Sweet Boo!


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We are a Catholic homeschooling family of 13. (so far!) We are devoted to our Lord and our faith, open to the blessings of children, and enjoy learning and growing together in our joyfully chaotic home.

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  1. Yes, yes! Blog about large family management, your awesome!

  2. Happy Birthday Greta!!

  3. Happy birthday Greta!!

    I’m so glad Tony gets to telecommute a few days a week! My dh does that one day (every few weeks lately, but we shoot for once a week). It’s so fun to joke with him about his commute to the dinner table — “Lots of traffic in the hallway dear? It must have been an awful commute.” 🙂 Hey, sometimes there IS lots of traffic in our hallway. 🙂

    Hope you have a beautiful day today, Lisa!

  4. Tell Miss Greta that Aunt Jen is sorry that she didn’t get a chance to call and sing Happy Birthday and I hope that she had her best birthday yet. Big hugs and kisses!

  5. We absolutely love your menu for the snow day (and birthday)! Such great treats for a little girl. We also took note, however, that you remembered to think about “mama” too — and were going to have some hot Constant Comment ready to go. Good for you! We hope it was a wonderful day.
    -Deb for Bigelow Tea
    P.S. Happy birthday to your little girl!


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