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A Tour of the Birth Suite

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    Well,  actually,  I probably will not birth here.  It will more likely be the livingroom floor where five of our children have already been born.  I plan on using the birth pool and it is to large to set up in the bedroom.  But I have been working diligently on preparing our bedroom,  or ‘nest’ as I call it,  for the baby’s arrival.  This is where the two of us will spend our first week together.   We will use this time to get to know one another,  to read each  others cues and to establish that blissful nursing relationship.  I am very blessed to have so many around me that will tend to all of our needs during this time.   I plan to walk no further than the bathroom down the hall.  Here is a tour of our nest!

This is the view from the door.  The cradle is a safe place for baby to lay when I do have to make that trip down the hall!


A cozy place to rock with Our Lady of Pepetual Help watching over us.


A place to rest our heads


Our dresser filled with mama’s pajamas and tiny baby clothes!   Dh and I made the belly cast over the weekend.  The girls and I decorated it with a Mary Cassatt print, a poem titled “Treasure” and hand painted flowers.  I have a beautiful St. Benedict medal to apply to it also.    A statue and print of Our Lady of La Leche watch over us from this wall. 


This area is prepared with freshly washed baby diapers,  rosaries on the wall.  (But who needs a rosary when there are perfect little baby toes to count Hail Mary’s on!!)  We also have some herbal tinctures ready for various post partum issues,  and a bottle of “Happy Mama” spray to lift our mood a bit. 


  That’s the tour of our “Birthing Suite”,  awaiting the arrival of our “Guest of Honor”! 🙂 


About Lisbet

We are a Catholic homeschooling family of 13. (so far!) We are devoted to our Lord and our faith, open to the blessings of children, and enjoy learning and growing together in our joyfully chaotic home.

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  1. Your nest is so lovely! With which pregnancy did you get the belly cast done?


  2. Your room is so beautiful and cosy! I envy your home birth plans! My husband is disturbed by the very thought. lol
    I saw your sheepskin in the baby’s cradle. Does each of yr children have one? My daughter does and I want to get one for my coming baby.

  3. What a fun tour! Thank you for sharing with us! I love your birth suite! It looks so peaceful and cozy.

    Now that we’re living in a more homebirth friendly state we’re planning on having baby #4 (should we be so blessed) at home. I can’t wait!

    Many prayer are being said for you and yours! We are looking forward to the big announcement!

  4. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. You are in my prayers.

  5. I loved taking this tour! Your room is LOVELY!!!! I’m so excited for you and your family as you prepare to welcome your wee one.

  6. Oh! I am so excited for you and your family! I just giggled when I read about you not needing a rosary when you have ten little baby toes to count on!!! How precious is that?!

  7. Oh…::sigh:: how wonderful! I wish so desperately I could have had a week to just cuddle my newborn and get to know her! (Three days after she was born we made a cross country move…) What a lucky baby! 😀

  8. wow!! looks great n also that u’re ready to go. 🙂 i had planned to have a home birth but DH was not too keen since this is our first. a good thing that we didn’t….i had some complications after the birth n had to be wheeled into the OT right after birthing! 😐

  9. How lovely!!! It seems like a perfect spot to get to know your new blessing.

  10. What a lovely “nest”. I envy you.
    Take care and we’ll keep praying.

  11. This is absolutely wonderful. You are so wise and have such a beautiful tender heart. Thank you for sharing.


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