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  I was tagged for this meme a while ago by Kimberlee.  I have put it off because I simply could not think of 8 things about myself that would be interesting enough for anyone to read.  Truth be told,  I still can’t!  🙂    I visited Bridget at Our Magnum Opus and thought if she can do it,  so can I.  Although,  she has many interesting things to share!  (I especially love fact #2 from her,  amazing!)  Here goes:

1.  The first baby I ever held was when the OB handed me my own firstborn.  Granted,  I was young (19) when I had him,  but still you’d think I would have held a baby before!!

2.  I worked at a local ice cream shop all four years of high school.    My kids are always amazed with the way I can turn out a soft serve cone whenever we may visit a buffet style restaurant!

3.  Like Bridget,  I too veil at Mass and wear skirts exclusively.   ( and most of you already knew that too!)

4.  I can turn my arms all the way around,  360 degrees.

5.  I can’t carry a tune in a bucket,  but I belt out hymns in mass like a suppah-stah! LOL!

6.  I’ve birthed 8 children and I don’t have a single stretch mark.

 7.  I’ve been in labor for a  lifetime total of 99 hours so far.  All but 27 of those have been at home with zero pain meds.  I hope not to add to that number terribly this time around! 😉

8.  I have wore my hair short for over 15 years now.  It grows at a snails pace. 

 I don’t know who to tag for this since I am so late in the game.   If you have not been tagged yet,  consider yourself “it”!


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We are a Catholic homeschooling family of 13. (so far!) We are devoted to our Lord and our faith, open to the blessings of children, and enjoy learning and growing together in our joyfully chaotic home.

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    #1Never held a baby before your own…amazing…I think you very much liked that feeling, huh?
    #2 Not too many can say they worked those 4 years in the same place.
    #3 I admire you for that!
    #4 AMAZING!
    #5 And the Lord is so proud that you do!
    #6 NOT FAIR! (but so glad for you!!!)
    #7 I pray you have an easy delivery with minimal pain!
    #8 That’s a great cut for you!

  2. I am sooo jealous of the ‘no stretch marks’! I only birthed 1 child and had plenty!

  3. Thanks for playing! We have #3 and 5 in common but #6 we won’t discuss. That is truly amazing!

  4. That was a most enjoyable read…I envy the lack of stretch marks!!!


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