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Refreshing Herbal Sun Tea

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  This is not your typical sun tea!   I recently learned that Lemon Balm was named Herb of the Year for 2007.  I have a lovely Lemon Balm plant in a planter in my back yard.  I love how it smells and how it adds a nice lemon essence to my Pregnancy Blend tea.    I came across this recipe and it just looked too interesting not to try.  I have all of the herbs growing in my back yard,  so yesterday I gave it a go.    I thought I did something wrong because it stayed perfectly clear even after 5 hours in direct sunlight.  I brought it in and figured I’d taste it anyway.  I was surprised with a very refreshing drink!  I added just a tad of honey and lots of ice.  Very Good! 

Herb Sun Tea

2C Lemon Balm
1C Spearmint

Few Sprigs Rosemary Tops

1 Sprig Sage
Place herbs into a 1-gallon glass jar, fill with spring water and steep in the sun for several hours. Remove herbs, strain and filter tea. Sweeten with honey if desired.

*This recipe and other 2005 Tea-off recipes can be found here.

My Pregnancy Blend Tea

2 parts dried Nettle leaf

2 parts dried Red Raspberry leaf

1 part Alfalfa

1 part Red Clovers

Place herbs in tea ball (I have a really big one specifically for large amounts of herbs) or loose in a gallon container.  Pour boiling water over the herbs and allow to steep for several hours.  (Less time =  lower strength and milder flavor)  Add honey,  brown sugar, or pinch of stevia to taste.  This tea is delicious hot or cold.    Drink it freely.  This is my own recipe tailored specifically for my own tastes and nutritional needs during pregnancy and lactation. I have been drinking this blend for over 10 years now.   Please read up on these herbs and others specifically used during pregnancy and come up with a blend that best suits you! 

**I sometimes add a bit of Lemon Balm,  some kind of Mint, or lavender for a flavor variation.

***Another note here.  I wanted to leave a little link in response to a comment I recieved and deleted.   (The last thing I’m interested in is a governmental agency telling me how and what to eat more than they already do! )  Evidently there is some ‘discussion’ on the safety of sun tea.  To this I personally say “Ptttthhhhhtttt!”    Common sense and personal responsibility is assumed by me to those who read this blog! 🙂  Anyway,  here is the link:  The Safety of Sun Tea


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  1. I am going to try your tea recipe today. The lemon balm is growing like mad in my back garden!

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