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 Rebecca tagged me for this one.  Thank you dear friend,  I really did need to regroup and refocus on my Lenten devotions,  already.  This is perfect. 

What is your favorite Sorrowful Mystery?   The Crowning of Thorns.  What pure humility.  It’s the purity,  the acceptance, and the surrender to this humility that gets me.  I know even when I act in humility,  it’s not always with pure intention.  (The kind where I can’t wait to tell my husband just how humble I was,  ya know?)

What is your favorite Station of the Cross?  Veronica wiping the face of Jesus.  What holy boldness!  

Do you fast during Lent?  No,  but only because I am pregnant AND nursing Molly.  Fasting would not be good for any of us right now.    I am very mindful about what I eat,  and I try not to splurge on days of required fasting.
What is your Lenten Resolution(s)?   To be more mentally and emotionally present to my family.  I so often run on ‘autopilot’ just concerning myself with getting things done. 

Do you use Holy Water during Lent?
(to copy Rebecca’s reply):  Yes, at Mass. 

How many times do you go to Mass during Lent?   Of course on Sundays,   we try Thursdays also (our parish offers TLM each Thursday evening.)  And this week we are aiming for Wednesday mass and devotion to Our Lady of Czestochowa at a nearby parish.

 I’d like to tag Bridget for this one! 🙂


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We are a Catholic homeschooling family of 13. (so far!) We are devoted to our Lord and our faith, open to the blessings of children, and enjoy learning and growing together in our joyfully chaotic home.

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  1. Thanks for posting your answers, Lisa! Veronica is my confirmation name and I love station as well.


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