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Mom and Baby at 6.4 Weeks

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   After a bumpy start,  this pregnancy seems to be going very well.    A few blood draws have confirmed that things are progressing just as they should,  and I’m experiencing all of  those lovely early pregnancy discomforts.    I thought I would chronicle this pregnancy with belly pictures,  I’ve always wanted to do it regularly,  but I haven’t.    I thought I would aim for once a month.   I was off my feet at four weeks and pictures were the last thing on my mind,  but now at nearly seven weeks,  I’m very excited and ready to delve back into this whole pregnancy thing!  Here are the two of us!


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We are a Catholic homeschooling family of 13. (so far!) We are devoted to our Lord and our faith, open to the blessings of children, and enjoy learning and growing together in our joyfully chaotic home.

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  1. I think this is a great idea. Belly pictures are special,

  2. You are beautiful, and I am so looking forward to following this little one’s development right along with you!

  3. You are awesome! If I were currently 6 weeks pregnant I would be thrilled that another sweet baby was coming to join our family but I probably wouldn’t embrace the whole pregnancy part of it with the grace that you do! Lovely picture! You’ve got the pregnancy glow! 🙂

  4. Great shot. We are due at just about the same time. I’ll remember to offer up some of my pregnancy discomfort for yours. You look wonderful!!!

    God bless you.

  5. You look lovely! I’m so delighted for your new little one growing. Just look at your beautiful family up top – may this new precious baby “round out” the picture in due time – healthily and happily.

    You are such a blessed mommy – you ALWAYS encourage and uplift me and make me want to be a better mom! Thank you! 🙂

    I love the prayer on your side bar.

    I look forward to reading about this pregnancy!

  6. Beautiful!


  7. You look beautiful!!! I will enjoy following your progress.


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