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Today is the thirty fourth ‘anniversary’ of the legalization of abortion in the United States of America.  I am thirty one years old,  and I am adopted.  I consider  myself a survivor of abortion.  I have no ideas or clues surrounding the circumstances faced by my birth mother or my birth father.  I have never met them.  I have played out so many different scenarios in my head over the years.  The bottom line is that none of those matter.  The only thing that matters is that they chose life over death.    They chose to allow me to breathe,  to see daylight,  to grow, to  have a full, rich life with adoptive parents that love me very much, and to have a family of my own.   My life was in their hands,  they chose to let me live.   Thank you so much.  Thank you. 


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We are a Catholic homeschooling family of 13. (so far!) We are devoted to our Lord and our faith, open to the blessings of children, and enjoy learning and growing together in our joyfully chaotic home.

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  1. I am so grateful for you Lisa. You are an inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I’m so glad you’re a survivor of this terrible curse. A big thank you to Lisa’s birth parents for allowing her to live….the world is much better with her in it!!

  3. Wow, that gave me goosebumps…Thanks be to God!

  4. Thanks girls. It’s just a crying shame how many others of our generation were not given the same chance. How many people are missing? How many more will never be? Lord have Mercy on us.

  5. My dh is also a survivor of this scourge. The doctors actually wanted to abort him, they told his parents he would be blind, never walk, all sorts of terrible things. Fortunately, they refused to end his life, and while he had some learning disabilities for a few years, he went on to a TAG program and he will soon be working on a Master’s Degree. He has led a healthy and “normal” life despite the doctors “advice”. Thankfully he was given the chance to have a wife and children who love him – it is so sad to think about how it all could have never been…. The women that I know who have been through this nightmare for themselves have never recovered – how can something so devastating for everyone still be “legal”?

  6. What a beautiful story. Thank you. This is something so dear to my heart! Our sweet littlest ds (1 1/2 years) is also a survivor. His birth momma was under a tremendous amount of pressure to do the “logical” thing when she discovered she was pregnant. There were some STRONG arguments in favor of a “quick fix.” We thank God that she is such a strong (stubborn!) lady who LOVED her little one and followed her heart. She gave him life, a healthy pregnancy, and then a loving mom and dad when she handed him to us in the delivery room. Its the most awesome and humbling thing I have yet to experience. Being adoptive parents is a special experience. I have a whole new perspective on the “kind” of woman who places her child for adoption. “Loving” fails to adequately describe the sacrifice. I will forever love and respect this sister who gave such a gift.

  7. Thank you for sharing this. I agree with Rebecca. You are an inspiration.

  8. Lisa, this is a wonderful tribute. Thanks for sharing your life with us. B.T.W. my husband is also adopted. I will have to show him this post. God bless you.

  9. Beautiful. And just think of all those little souls who wouldn’t be here either, if your parents had chosen death.


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