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My Kitchen Sink

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    Margaret was hosting this lovely blog carnival.  Please take a moment and pray for Margaret and her family.  The have suffered a deep and sorrowful loss recently.    Pray that they feel the peace and love that God has for them. 

 Theresa  has also gathered all these great posts for us to share the view from our kitchen sinks. 

  This is the spot in my house where you can find me about ninety five percent of the time.     This is my first stop each morning,  and usually my last stop each night.  These lyrics from Marie Bellets “Without You” come to mind:

     “I am a woman staring at the sink.  I cannot think, or understand.  Where did it go, I hardly even blinked,  and now the day slipped through my hands.  Oh please, grant me a new start, with a fresh and fervent heart, help me.  I know, that without out You,  I can do nothing.  Oh but with you,  I can do anything.  Without You,  I am a clanging nagging noise.  Oh but with You I’ll raise girls and boys.”

  This is the real live, unadulterated view of my sink!  Stacked clean dishes,  tea tins, a jar of honey,  various prayers posted,  and my dear crucifix.   Thanks for visiting!


About Lisbet

We are a Catholic homeschooling family of 13. (so far!) We are devoted to our Lord and our faith, open to the blessings of children, and enjoy learning and growing together in our joyfully chaotic home.

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  1. Hi Lisbet. I’m on my way to add you now. I love your cupboards and the shelf by the window, not to mention the cute scallops!

  2. Lisbet, I LOVE the crucifix and the song by Marie Bellet. You are well on your way to a peaceful kitchen with those two items!

    Thank you so much for participating!

  3. What a gorgeous kitchen you have! I love the cabinets! Theresa is right, the scallops are great!

  4. What a beautiful view! I love it!

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