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Re-Working the Chores

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  I kept such a good homekeeping journal before Molly was born. (Alot like Kims,  just not as pretty, or as organized, or as detailed! LOL!)  All of my dividing, delegating, and notes kept the household running smooth and everyone pitching in their fair share, even when we spent an unexpected four days in the hospital after she arrived.  (Even my dear mother-in-law was impressed!)  Unfortunetly, for some reason, (hmmm,  could it be 8 children, 4 of them under 4?) the journal has disappeared, never to be seen again.  When the journal went out, the haphazard homekeeping came in.  We still get stuff done,  don’t get me wrong,  it’s just not as regular, as structured, or as fair.   It’s time for me to implement a new one.  I will attempt to make this one more visually appealing.  Right now I am roughing out the daily/weekly/monthly chores.    It’s also time to start training some of the younger children in some of the chores,  and to train the older children in some new ones.  Everyone over the age of three will have assignments.  I thought I would post my work-in-progress here,  kind of my way of thinking aloud.  If you notice that I may be breaking any child labor laws,  please let me know! 🙂

Daily Housekeeping Routine

Each Morning:
~Make beds
~Pick up bedrooms
~Brush teeth/attend to personal hygiene
~Swipe Bathrooms:
  -Mom upstairs
  -Gabe downstairs
~Pick up clothes room/put away clothes:
   -Girls do lights
   -Boys do darks
~Feed and water all pets
~Wash breakfast dishes ~ Nicholas
~Wash table ~ Isaac

Just before Lunch:
~Clear dining room table
~Mom assigns a kitchen helper to prepare meal
~Mom assigns person to tend to laundry
~Work together to set table

After Lunch:
~Clear Table –Abby and Mary
~Clean littles /change diapers –Mom
~Pick up all toys -Gabe and Isaac
~Wash dishes –Abby
~Wash table –Mary
~Wash benches/chairs/highchair –Sam
~Vacuum downstairs ~Nicholas

Just Before Supper:
~Put all dry laundry in baskets in clothes room –Mom
~Clean littles/change diapers -Mom
~Mom assigns a kitchen helper
~pick up all toys
~clear dining room table
~Work together to set table
After Supper:
Clear table –Gabe and Isaac
Wash table /benches/chairs –Nicholas
Put food away -Mom

Kitchen duty:
Monday – Mom and Abby
Tuesday –Nicholas and Gabe
Wednesday –Abby and Isaac
Thursday -Nicholas and Mom
Friday –Gabe and Abby

Evening Kitchen duty includes:
Putting away all dishes
Washing all dishes
Sweeping kitchen floor
Washing counter tops
Taking out trash
Washing stovetop

 Weekly Housekeeping Routine

  Gather them and take to basement -Isaac Wash and dry –Mom
  Fold –Mom, Mary, and Samuel
  Put away –Gabe
  Carry to basement –Nicholas
  Wash/fold/put away –Mom, Mary, & Sam
Living Room:
 Vacuum furniture –Gabe
Dining Room:
 Straighten desk and bookcases –Abby & Mom
Kitchen: Clean Stovetop and Microwave –Mom

  Wash/Dry All Darks –Mom
Living Room:
 Move Couch during Afternoon
  Vacuum –Nicholas
 Clean Full Bath –Abigail
 Clean ½ Bath –Mom
Kitchen: Clean Refrigerator –Mom & Abigail

  Wash/Dry All Lights –Mom
  Carry to Basement –Nicholas
  Wash/Fold/Put Away –Mom, Mary, & Sam
 Living Room:
  Wash Windows –Mom and Mary
  Wash Cabinet fronts – Gabe
 Plan Menu and Sopping List – Mom and Abby
 Take all Trash out to curb –Nick, Gabe, and Isaac

  Wash/Dry all Misc. Items –Mom
 Living Room:
  Dust –Isaac and Mom
 Dining Room:
  Wash Windows –Mom and Mary
 Kitchen: Sweep/Mop Floor –Nicholas
  Grocery Shopping –Dad

 Strip and Change Beds – All
Vacuum upstairs – Nicholas
  Wash/Dry all Bedding –Mom
  Fold/Put away all bedding – Abby and Isaac
  Carry to Basement –Nicholas
  Wash/fold/Put Away –Mom, Mary, & Sam


About Lisbet

We are a Catholic homeschooling family of 13. (so far!) We are devoted to our Lord and our faith, open to the blessings of children, and enjoy learning and growing together in our joyfully chaotic home.

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  1. You won’t believe this. I was going to post a message on the 4real forum about advice and a schedule for chores. You made my day! I really, really like it! I’m going to copy it and modify it. Thanks so much. God bless.

  2. I hope it helps in some way Ruth! I also added our weekly routine also. This is what we aim for, even if we fall short, alot gets done. I put the names by them so they can ‘see’ who is doing what and no one is doing more or less than the other. They so tend to argue about those things! I’d love to see what you come up with for your family!

  3. This is similar to my schedule, only I probably have half the amount of work you have to do. I have trouble sticking to my schedule when I do social activities with the kids. Even if I’m home on time, I get so tired out. Do you go out often? I’ll go post my schedule on my blog.

  4. Cheryl, the jobs I have listed probably don’t need to get done as often as we do them, but it’s all about training the children to do them, and I do have 2 times more than you, so I have more hands to work, and we probably create bigger messes! And to answer your question, no, I don’t go out too much.

  5. Lisa, thank you so much for posting this. I am re-working my chore schedule for the new year and I can really use this inspiration!

  6. thanks for posting lisa. i love seeing other’s lists. i just posted ours too.

  7. Ok so tell me, do you find you finish one list just in time to start the next one? ; ) By the time I corral half a dozen or more kids to finish the lists it is about time to start over lol! It’s like herding cats some days….

  8. This was really helpful to read. I think I need to get the kids doing more around our home. I am kind of a softie and end up doing too much myself.

  9. lisa, this is so helpful! Thanks so much for sharing this. I have struggled at times with how much/ at what age to assign chores.
    When we had a chore chart, my kids loved it for the structure and routine it offered. When it got destroyed (by an over-zealous two year old) my kids actually got upset and ASKED for another!!

  10. Missy, I’m thinking we all need to get together for tea and discuss Chore charts, Homekeeping Notebooks, and Homekeeping in general. Nothing structured, just some tea, good friends, and encouraging conversation! Are you up for it??

  11. Sounds great! Pick a time and place that works for you and I’ll be happy to spread the word! I read your last few posts on the forum- remember that Jesus is right there in the thick of the chaos WITH you- you’ll get through it.

  12. This is great! My plan for 2007 is to get ds, age 6, more involved in the running of the house. I let him off the hook too much being an only child. I can remember having much more responsibility at his age. Thanks for sharing…it will really help us!!!

  13. I think this is too much to remember everyday. I was cloths on Sunday and Monday, kids help me clean whole house on Wednesdays! Windows, walls and baseboards every 2 weeks. It makes my week easier because my job outside the house varies from week to week. I would be so tired after all that you are talking about. I am glad it works for you!


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