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Nosey Neighbors, Social Workers, and HSLDA

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  Homeschooling is on my list for Fridays.    I’ve been thinking about what I could write.  We’ve had a busy day,  lessons this morning,  getting oldest son ready for his hunting trip, and a visit from Teminex to rid our house of termites.  It was the Terminex visit that prompted me to write about this aspect of  homeschooling.   While I was signing off on the work that the “terminator” did on the basement,  he commented on all of our children and asked a little bit about homeschooling.    It was all very positive,  and I felt he left here with an overall good impression of homeschoolers and big families.  Thanks be to God! 🙂  Not every encounter is so positive.     Some of you reading this know how our family was imposed upon by some vicious neighbors and a social worker from CPS. The neighbors had a personal vendetta against our family and are adamantly opposed to homeschooling.     The social worker was actually very nice and enjoyed visiting our family.  Like the man from Terminex,  I think she also left our home with a good impression of homeschoolers and big families.     The ‘accusations’ were cited as unfounded and spiteful, the case was dropped.  Nonetheless,  our family felt very, very violated.  It still boils up in me when I think about it,  and unfortunately,  I think about it often.  I think about it each time I see my neighbors,  each time someone from the outside comes into our home,  each time my children are out during ‘school’ hours,  or if one is barefoot in the backyard,  etc…

Prior to this,  we were not members of HSLDA.  We were naive.  We assumed homeschooling had enough good publicity that we had no worries.  I never even perused their website.  I wish I would have at least done that much,  I would have been far more prepared for that knock on my door,  and we would’ve all felt far less violated.  We joined HSLDA immediately and they were very helpful with our situation.    The membership cost may sound steep,  but to us,  it’s worth it to know help is just a phone call away.  If we don’t need it,  the money will help out someone who does.   If you are not a member,  consider it,  or at the very least,  browse around their site,  especially this article:  The Social Worker at Your Door:  10 Helpful Hints


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We are a Catholic homeschooling family of 13. (so far!) We are devoted to our Lord and our faith, open to the blessings of children, and enjoy learning and growing together in our joyfully chaotic home.

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  1. This happened to a very dear friend of mine (only in her case, it was an inlaw who made the anonymous call!), and it was a horrible situation that took three years to completely iron out. I am glad HSLDA was able to help you and appreciate the organization’s thorough list of tips.

  2. What a useful list of tips!!! Thank you SO much for sharing that… hopefully I’ll never face this situation but it’s nice to there’s help if needs be.

  3. Lisa, I;m sorry this happened to you. I now feel the same way about my neighbors and anyone who comes to visit. Thak God for HSLDA. It is worth the peace of mind. I pray this never happens to you, or anyone else again.


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