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Elegant Simplicity in the Bedroom

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I have been so inspired by the elegant simplicity  discussion at the Real Learning forums.  I’ve long felt our clutter closing in on us,  and this was just the push I needed to unclutter.  This discussion is also what has inspired the Loveliness Fairs that will be going on throughout the year. 

Elegant Simplicity in the Bedroom will be the first one I  am participating in.  Our kitchen was in the midst of a remodel during the Fair of Simple Elegence in the Kitchen and our ‘official’ learning space suffered fallout from the kitchen during the Loveliness of Elegant Simplicity in Learning Spaces fair.  Now our house is fairly in order (with much thanks to the FOR SALE sign in the front yard), and I am eager to share in the Fair of Elegant Simplicity in the Bedroom hosted by Kim at Starry Sky Ranch.

The word ‘bedroom’ seems very simple.  Basically all it implies is a bed in a room.  But we all know it’s also a place to unwind and relax,  so we want to make this space as tranquil as possible.  We also firmly embrace the family bed philosophy so we have 5 people sharing our bedroom and bed.    We were very blessed to take our family on a week long vacation to the Pacific Coast this past March.  I was 7 months pregnant for Molly and a can of paint had been staring at me for months.  I knew I wanted to paint the bedroom before the baby arrived,  but I was so intimidated to crack that can open with 7 little ones running around. My in-laws so graciously offered to paint the room while we were on vacation.   They outdid themselves with generosity and not only painted the room,  but pulled up the worn carpet revealing beautiful hardwoods underneath.  My mother-in-law said to me that she enjoyed building a nest for her grandchild to be born in!   And OH!  What a nest she made!

This is the view walking into the bedroom. The cradle is a safe place for baby to lay while I shower or make beds.    The big window streams in the morning sun.  After Molly was born, she was jaundiced,   I spent quite a few mornings rocking with her naked on my lap in the sunshine.  That rocker has rocked five of my babies many times!

This is our bookcase which houses some of my books.  And yes,  we also have a television in our bedroom.  Tony likes to relax and watch a ballgame before going to sleep and I like him in bed with us,  so this works!  The heart on the wall was made by my Opa and we keep a few rosaries hanging on it.  Sometimes we all pile into our bed to pray the rosary before bedtime. 

Then, of course, there is the bed.  We have a king size bed and 5 of us fit all snuggly in.  Tony bought me the quilt for our first wedding anniversary.  It’s eleven years old and has seen the births of 7 of our babies.  It’s getting a bit ratty and wore,  but I think that just adds to it’s charm!   The Sacred and Immaculate Hearts hang by our bed also.  I often lay there and contemplate Marys sacrificial love.  It certainly puts those sleepless nights with a newborn or ill child in perspective!  The artwork above our bed was painted by our own little Mary.  I was quite impressed how she used so many different colors to cover the page without muddling them all together into a brown mess!

Well,  that was the grand tour of the bedroom.  It may not be a simple as a bedroom could be,  but it’s simple enough to serve the needs of those of us that sleep there.  I know I remember how  much I loved my mom and dads bedroom growing up.  For some reason their bed was always so much more comfy than my own!  I hope my children feel the same way about our bedroom.  Thanks for visiting!


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We are a Catholic homeschooling family of 13. (so far!) We are devoted to our Lord and our faith, open to the blessings of children, and enjoy learning and growing together in our joyfully chaotic home.

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  1. Your room looks like a very welcoming place! 🙂

  2. Lovely pics – I especially like the bookshelf and the quilt.


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